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Our Story


Nature Is A Boon

That We Wish On Everyone!

EDEN works in close collaboration with voluntary organisations for the development of rural and urban women across India. This determined gentleness of womanhood reflects in our products, each of which gives a good health.

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How We Started

We set out to be the answer for all mothers who refuse to compromise on their child’s well-being. With our vision of building a world where people can choose sustainability and good health, EDEN is the cornerstone you can always rely on when looking for wholesome lifestyle options for yourself as well as for your loved ones.

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Why Do We Prefer Nature?

At EDEN, we believe that nature is the key to unlocking good self-care with zero side effects. We understand the potency of each shrub, fruit and ingredient. That’s why our production process is meticulous. We study and combine ingredients with each other in a way that maximizes overall efficacy for products that you can always trust!


How We Do What We Do

We follow a very stringent process, right from sourcing all the way to packaging. Our team extracts the most potent ingredients by following a thorough screening process that ensures uncompromised quality. From there, we let the magic of nature take over. We blend ingredients in a way that they complement each other. Lastly, we wrap up our products with love and deliver them to your doorstep with trust.

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The Principle Flowers

In The Garden Of Eden

GMO Free
Freshly Made
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